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Agent Saddles Up and Hits the Trails

Meet Matt Fox. Matt is an agent at the Friendship Insurance Lawrenceburg office. He was born in Port Jefferson, NY but identifies himself as a native Hoosier, having grown up in Lawrenceburg. He now resides with his wife and three kids in Greendale.

Matt started his insurance career 22 years ago, working for his parents' agency. He stayed in the business for the satisfaction of helping others.

"Insurance can be a language of its own and difficult to understand," Matt shared. "Many clients don't know what is covered in their policies until a claim occurs. My desire is to educate customers on their options so they can select coverage that best fits their needs. When a claim does occur, it can be a very rewarding experience to be a part of helping customers recover from the loss."

We recently caught up with Matt to ask him about his time off-the-clock mountain biking.

Q: How did you get started mountain biking?

Matt: My brother-in-law was the person who got me started. I can still remember my first time mountain biking over 15 years ago. I was not good at all. My brother-in-law had raced and I was really struggling knowing how to navigate the roots, rocks, and trees you find when riding off road. I thought riding a bike was supposed to be easy.

Q: What do you most enjoy about the sport?

Matt: The ability to spend time in the woods. I really enjoy being in nature and doing things that are fast paced. Riding a bike allows you travel further in less time to see so much more than you could hiking.

Q: Where are your favorite places to bike?

Matt: Locally it is Versailles State Park. We are really fortunate to have such a well maintained trail system with over 19 miles of trails. Devou Park in Covington, KY is great place as well. If I have time to drive, a great day trip is Brown County, IN. Check out Brevard, NC for a weekend getaway.

Q: Do you race or participate in any organized rides?

Matt: I haven’t raced mountain bikes the last several years. With the kids’ schedules my focus has changed to other activities. Over the last few years I have completed a Tough Mudder, a half marathon, and then a full marathon.

Q: Do you have any training advice?

Matt: The best training advice I received was from Mitch, the owner of Bio Wheels bike shop. Knowing he was an accomplished cyclist, I asked him how many hours a week do I need to train to make it to the expert class. It was a goal I really wanted to achieve .

His advice wasn't to ride X number of hours a week. Instead it was to find a training schedule I could stick with for years to come. Don't worry about going crazy one year because that only leads to burn out. The correct training schedule is one that doesn't neglect family, work, and other obligations.

That advice led me to make it to the expert class with a lot of great memories and friendships made along the way.

Q: What tips would you offer someone interested in getting started?

Matt: Don't give up after the first time riding on trails. It is tough to learn. Being patient can lead to years of safe riding away from traffic and in nature.

Q: What safety tips should cyclists consider?

Matt: If riding on the road, wear bright colors. Always wear a helmet. While you may not have forgotten how to ride a bike, riding in traffic may be a little unnerving.

I recommend starting out on paved bike trails such as the Lawrenceburg/Aurora trail. Learn how to turn your head to see what is behind you without swerving. Also, assume you are invisible to drivers, especially for cars turning in front of you from a side road.

Lastly, always obey all traffic signs/signals.

Q: Are there any additional insurance needs cyclists should consider?

Matt: There is an endorsement available under most home policies that broadens how your personal property is covered. I would recommend policyholders contact their agent to see if special personal property is available for extra peace of mind.

Matt would love to talk insurance or cycling. Give him a call to schedule a time today.


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