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How to Make a Payment

Option 1: Pay Online

Click your insurance company on the right (or below on mobile).You will be directed to the online bill payment system. Follow the prompts for making a payment. In most cases, you can make a secure one-time payment that doesn't require a login and password. 

Option 2: Pay with an Automatic Funds Transfer 

Contact us to schedule an automatic payment withdrawal from your checking account. 


Option 3: Pay in Person at our Offices

We love seeing our customers so stop in our offices anytime to make a payment. Please remember to bring your payment stub and make checks payable to Friendship Insurance. 

Option 4: Mail Payment Directly

You can mail your payment directly to your insurance company. Just follow the instructions on your premium due statement. 


Option 5: Pay Over the Phone

Call us at 812-667-5101 Monday-Thursday, 8:30-4 and Friday, 8:30-5. 

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